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Ergonomic design, metal body, matte texture
The body of the game handle is made of metal, but the bracket and the handshake part are made of plastic
After painting, it conforms to the overall metal tone and reduces the weight of the grip
The handshake part is ergonomic, and the thumb has a wide operating range, which is not easy to slip and operate, and feels comfortable
Three-angle adjustment for different users' feel
Used as an auxiliary device to fix the hand shape, it can improve the player's operation accuracy
This feature determines that it does not consume power and there is no connection stability problem
The handshake supports three-speed adjustment to meet the operating habits of different players

Game handle Bracket Mobile phone shell three-in-one design. Practical
In addition to assisting in the game, it also combines the functions of a protective case and a mobile phone stand
The back clip-type domain does not wrap the phone, only has anti-drop performance, and does not block the phone's heat dissipation, more suitable for gamers
The stand lets you liberate your hands while watching a video or chat, and overall, it's very practical

Package Included:

1 x Game Handle for Mobile Phone
1 x Fire Trigger 

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